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Friday, October 12, 2012

Midterm Week

Midterms week may have been the most brutal week of my short life.

Sunday: Studied all day for Monday's crazy History midterm. 100 short answer questions, never again please.
Monday: History midterm and class until 6pm.
Tuesday: 6 hours straight of class. Study for Archaeology midterm.
Wednesday: Field trip to the Shephelah. Gone all day from 8am till 8pm. Study for Archaeology midterm until 2am.
Thursday: Archeology midterm along with 6 straight hours of class. Write 3 page report and study for Land and Bible test.
Friday: Land and Bible test. Four hours of class. Shabbat dinner and service. Study and take Jewish Culture test. Start packing for Galilee trip at 12:30am.

We defintely put the "study" in study abroad. It was a rough week, but God is so faithful. Tomorrow we head out to Galilee for an 8 day trip. I'm so excited I could barely sleep!


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