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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reminiscing Israel: Power Outages

There are many memories from Israel that I never had a chance to write down, which is such a shame because now some of them have fluttered off into oblivion. In an attempt to savor the ones that remain, I'm going to try them down slowly but surely {and sporadically}. So without further ado, let the reminiscing begin!

We love our magnum bars!
#1. The time the power went out for a good 6 hours. It was during the festival of Sukkot (a Jewish holiday also known as the Feast of Booths). I remember all of us gathering into the sukkah, or booth, that we had built. Drops of rain were coming in through the leaf ceiling and it was pitch dark because we had no electricity. We ate our apple crisp dessert in the dark while our teacher gave a message via the light of a headlamp.

Around 11pm later that night, a couple girls and I were sitting in bed watching The Hunger Games, after all we couldn't do any homework without the electricity, right? All of a sudden we hear some voices yelling, "Free Ice Cream!" You'd of thought there the world was ending or something because everyone ran out of their dorms and up to the reception lobby to grab an ice cream bar. The reception had decided to give away ice cream because it was melting from the power outage. That night, mass gluttony ensued. 

#2. The time we heard a loud pop, saw a spark, and our room went dark. I looked over at my friend and she was laying on the bed her head buried in her arms. Turns out, our room was the only one in the dorm to fall prey to the black out. And ya want to know what caused it? Our fellow dormmate's hairdryer!

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  1. What a fun story about the ice cream! Do you have any good budgeting tips you can share from your journey on the Wells Fargo Community?