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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Moshav

Countdown: 2 nights and 2 days left in Israel.

I finally made the time to snap pictures of the "moshav" where we've been living for the last three months.

It's going to be sad to leave this little place, but I can't wait to get back to the comforts of home.

Welcome to the dorm.
Here's our humble little abode. We each got a third of a desk, two shelves, and half a closet which we miraculously managed to fit all our things into.

Our beautiful bathroom adorned with flowers growing through the window. After our week long trip to Galilee the branches had grown across the ceiling. It looked like a forest in there.

This is the dining hall where we eat all our meals. We've had our fair share of fish, kabob, cucumbers, and potatoes in this here restaurant.

The one, the only...classroom. We've written many a' notes on those tables, listened to 4 hour lectures, and memorized all the cities on the satellite map hanging over there on the left hand wall.

Last but not least, I just had to include our laundry "room." It's more of a laundry cave that sits underneath the dorm.

Oh, the moshav. Whether it's eating kabob & hummus every.single.day in the restaurant, or cramming into the dorm room and singing "22" at the top of our lungs, so many memories have been made on these grounds. I might miss this place after all.


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