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Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review

Since there are only a few hours left before the clock strikes 12, it's the perfect time for an obligatory end of the year post.

2012 started off slow and normal. It was the daily humdrum of school and work. It was routine, but it was pleasant. In May, sophomore year came to an end and summer break was happily welcomed. During the summer, my family took a vacation down to sunny Palm Springs and attended the Resolved Conference with our church.
At the end of August, summer came to a close and I boarded on a flight to Israel, and that's when the best memories of 2012 began. The semester in Israel was amazing, and adventurous, and stressful, and testing, and wondrously memorable. The people, places, and stories of the Bible came to life and the Lord taught me about His sovereignty, faithfulness, and goodness. I was blessed to spend three and a half months in the Holy Land with a great group of people friends {the Fall '12 crew is pretty amazing}. And in the middle of it I flew off to Europe and cruised the Mediterranean for a week...another incredible experience. I don't think it's possible to encapsulate my Israel semester in a paragraph, but when I think about it, I am overwhelmed by God's grace.
2012 ended with a pretty grand bang.

And with that another year has come and gone. Cheers to 2013. Happy New Year!


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  2. I spend the same about of time in Israel and college and I still miss it so much. Looks like you had a blast!