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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Travel Break Chronicles {Part 2}

Find part 1 here.

After two days in Barcelona, it was time to start cruising the Mediterranean!
cheesy cruise picture that I oddly adore :)
Our cruise was a Costa Cruise, which is an Italian cruise line, so everything was European style. The ship was decked out in gold, shine, and more gold everywhere!
After we boarded, we attended the mandatory safety lecture and got a kick out of the ginormous lifejackets they made us wear.
{Being goofy with our newest and greatest accessory}
Our SIX course dinner was next. I couldn't believe it either.
Thrilled to be eating non-Israeli food!

The next morning, we started our day at the breakfast buffet. Can you see a theme running here?
Our first stop was Palma de Mallorca which is a beautiful island off the coast of Spain.

 The entire place was just DARLING. There were nooks and crannies of charmingness everywhere.

This building looked important, but we had no idea if it really was. Actually, we were pretty clueless as to what any of the famous buildings in town were, or if there were any at all. We ended up just walking around and stumbling upon random beauties of the city.

Palma de Mallorca and its palm trees. A little piece of paradise. 
Back on the ship, we got our craft on.
And wrapped ourselves in blankets and watched the sunset from the deck.
In the evening, we were treated to the special Captain's Gala Dinner. So fancy!
Excited dinner faces?!
At one point, music started playing and performers came out singing and dancing. Pretty soon the entire restaurant was waving their napkins in the air!

The next day, we docked in France! And some crazy times ensued…

P.S. Have you head the whispers that google reader is going away? So sad! Anywho, I've hopped in the Bloglovin bandwagon.  You can follow my blog with Bloglovin, if you'd like :).


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