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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Month of May {a recap}

Another month gone by?!

Finals. Moving out. Graduation {not mine, but counting down...just one semester left!}. Summer session.

What a busy month it has been!

Finals week came and went. 1 Project. 2 Presentations. 3 Exams. Dunzo!

Moved out of the dorms and realized I'm going to miss this little room. We had many-a-late-night conversations here, talking about the most random of things until 2 A.M. The tiny room was filled to the brim with string lights and pictures from Israel...and we couldn't imagine it any other way.

So many sweet friends graduated this year, including two of my roommates! 
This girl is the kindest, most generous, selfless friend!

After graduation, I headed home for the weekend, and then returned back to school for a summer session of furious studying, writing, speech presenting. It was intense, but you can't beat the fact that an entire class is completed in just two weeks!

Now real summer finally begins! Let the good times roll...