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Monday, June 3, 2013

Dorm Room DIY

I'm no DIY {do-it-yourself} expert, but I love attempting a decorating/crafting scheme every now and then.

So let's do some DIY, dorm room style!

The wonderful thing about a dorm is that you can run wild since nobody really has expectations about how a dorm should look. Pretty much anything goes! So even if my DIY ends up looking not-so-hot, it's ok!

1. Photo collages are great if you want to display a whole bunch of photos. Anyone else have a hard time narrowing down pictures? I made these collages using Picasa {a free photo editor from Google}, printed them out on paper, and stuck them in a frame.

2. Magazine files are perfect for maintaining those random papers that accumulate from who knows where. Just toss the mystery papers into a file, and wallahhh, a clean desk! The file on the right has a bunch of folders in it, one for each class.

3. Wrapping paper as wall paper adds some color to a stark white room. Plus, it's so easy and so inexpensive! The wrapping paper cost $3 at Homegoods and is adorable to boot. All I did was cut the wrapping paper to fit inside the shelf, and used scotch tape to adhere it to the wall.

4. Because I'm a string light fiend, I already had those gigantic lanterns. Rather than hang them from the ceiling {which dorm policy doesn't allow, hello fire hazard}, I hung them from the top of the shelf using command hooks. Easy peasy!

5. Wall decals dress up a wall, but don't cause damage or involve nails. Perfect for dorms!

6. This was a plain white cup that I wrapped in a scrap of wrapping paper. That wrapping paper keeps popping up everywhere, huh?

7. Hang jewelry from the wall using tacs {or tiny command hooks}. Double functions as a jewelry organizer and wall decor.

8. Plain ol' cork boards are great, but patterned cork boards? Even better! Simply wrap the boards in a fun fabric and attach with a stapler.

Happy decorating!

1 comment:

  1. Wrapping paper is my favorite material for DIY especially for decorating my room and dorm room. I use it as a background for collages and for other types of crafts!

    I'm loving all your ideas here--your dorm is so cute!

    xo, gina