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Monday, September 23, 2013

Reminiscing Israel: Rafting Across Galilee

* Reminiscing Israel // memories from my semester studying abroad in Israel. See all of them here.

In between day-long hikes, sightseeing, and floating down the Jordan, we managed to squeeze in afternoon of free time. 

Well...not everyone.

Most people were booked all seven days in Galilee, but for the mere 6 of us who weren't enrolled in the hiking class, we were granted a free day! 

Naturally, with afternoon of leisurely nothing in front of us, we blew up a teeny, yellow raft and decided to go rafting in the Sea of Galilee. 

We didn't take a camera, because who wants to risk their camera on the water? Not me!

1. The raft was so tiny that only 4 of us could fit inside. Leaving 2 of us to trail behind in inner tubes while hanging on to back of the raft by a single strand of rope.

2. Jonny practically rowed all 6 of us. The human propellers on the back didn't work so well.

3. Emalee is normal sized in real life.

4. Lauren and I were not seasick despite those expressions.

5. The two in the back really did pretend to be dolphins.

6. We tried to row across the Sea, but didn't even make it halfway, or a quarter of the way.

7. Thinking about the ridiculousness of this adventure always make me laugh. It was the best of times.


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