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Monday, December 23, 2013

College Over and Out

The concluding weeks of school were filled with holiday shenanigans and savoring the last bits of college life. 

The end of the semester clearly calls for one last Ibex reunion. Since coming back form Israel last December, 2 couples have gotten married, 5 of us are graduating this fall, and 2 are moving to Israel. Our Ibex family is growing up. 

To celebrate the season, my work treated us to a tour of Christmas lights. We had a lovely evening riding around town in a vintage firetruck with warm drinks in hand. Welcome to Wakefield Wonderland, the best-lit street in the city. Bless their electricity bills. 

A beautiful day for our last day of classes, adios Advanced Accounting! 

Fall semester is complete, and with it my college career! What a bittersweet feeling to pack up my dorm room and say goodbye to school, but also to know that very exciting things lie ahead. I'm incredibly thankful for the last 3.5 years that the Lord graciously gave to me. 


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