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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

How is December right around the corner already? Not sure if I'm quite ready for winter weather, but bring on the peppermint mochas and twinkle lights!

I'm pretty certain my wish list looks much like all the others out there, but in case you're at a loss for ideas, here's some of mine.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Hunger Games Cupcake Toppers

Who's excited for the Hunger Games: Mockingjay coming out this Friday?!

In anticipation of the movie, I've whipped up these new cupcake toppers for the etsy shop.

Little mockingjay cupcake toppers!
or brownie toppers in this case ;)

Wouldn't they make the prefect addition to a pre-movie get together or a hunger games themed party?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Backstage Disney

Another Disneyland post? I just can't help myself.

Our "team-building" day for this year was held at Disneyland / California Adventure. It was loads of fun! I still can't believe that I got paid to go to Disneyland.

First, we headed backstage to tour the stables. Sadly, no pictures were allowed, so you'll just have to believe me that behind toon town live at least five horses, some goats, and a turkey. The horses are the ones that travel along main street for events and parades.

After the tour, we ventured to the parks. Our challenge was to see which team could ride the most rides before lunch. I think our team may have come in last place, but we did get stuck on the top of Goofy's Sky School, so that has to count for something, right? The view from up there was awesome. Walking down the roller coaster was significantly less awesome and a little bit terrifying. The ledge only had a railing on one side!
Stuck at the top of the coaster.
For lunch we ate at Carthay's Circle. The restaurant is modeled after a theater and is pretty fancy, especially for a theme park restaurant. Their cheesy fried biscuits are amazing and so is their wildberry lemonade.
Can all work days be like this?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Randoms

Since it's Friday, let's talk random!

1. I've been living at Disneyland (a definite perk of my job!). It must be some sort of record to go three times in eight days :).

2. I nearly had a heart attack when my tire blew out (on my first day of work nonetheless). How does that even happen?! So thankful my dad came to the rescue, picked me up, and drove like a crazy man to get me to the office on time. Dads are the best.

3. One of my friends and former roommate from college is getting got married ! We had fun celebrating her upcoming wedding. I confess that all six of us split one piece of cheesecake. Frugalness at is finest. We know how to party, haha.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Show Us Your Life - Link Up

Today I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner.

For those visiting, welcome!

Let me introduce my brother...

He's a junior in college. He is majoring in math and computer science and is one of the smartest people I know! 
In addition to a full plate of double majoring, he also plays on the school's baseball team as a pitcher. He's played baseball since he was teeny tiny and loves the sport. 

He is easygoing, driven, sarcastic, kind, and has a heart for the Lord. He teaches in the elementary sunday school class each week at church and loves teaching and loves the kids.

He enjoys going to the gym, watching movies, keeping up with college football, eating at chick-fil-a, and hanging out with friends.
It's funny because most of his friends are in serious relationships or already married (he attends a Christian college) and they're always trying to set him up, so I might as well get in on the action too, right?!

If there's a kind, young gal who lives near the Los Angeles area, loves the Lord, and is interested, feel free to email me or leave a comment. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Days on the Job

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind! Starting a new job is exhausting business.

My first day started out watching Frozen while waiting to go over paperwork with HR.

Then we gathered into a big conference room to listen to presentations and got a glimpse into what our job will entail. After a morning of presentations, it was time to hit the park for lunch and a scavenger hunt.
We lunched at a restaurant called Wine Country Trattoria. It's nestled in the middle of California Adventure and serves all types of pasta. Some of us even ordered a fancy drink. Not wine, but one that comes topped with a light-up Ariel :).

The next week, we had an all-day company orientation, a full day of software training, and another day of program training. 
The view from one of our meetings!

We were definitely spoiled those three days...treated to lunch, given darling goodies, and getting our very own company computers and shiny, new badges! I may or may not have been most excited to get the legendary cast member badge. We joked that all the fun stops once we start actually working.

After the orientations, it was time to get down to real business. While the first few days had me swirling in a cloud of fantasy, I quickly set back down on earth. There are deadlines meet, tasks to be completed, programs to learn, reports to create, schedules to be managed, and the seemingly never-ending IT issues. For me, starting a new job has always been very exciting, but also very overwhelming. I've heard the first couple weeks are the hardest and I have to agree. Learning new faces and names, processing the information overload, and finding a groove takes time. I'm sure as things get settled in it'll be all on the up and up.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

All Grown Up

The Thursday before last Thursday was my last day on the job that I worked at throughout college.
{That may have been the most confusing sentence ever.}

In other words, after nearly three years, I quit my college job in anticipation of a new, full-time job.
My coworkers are so sweet. On my last day, we went out to lunch and they surprised me with the most precious gifts. I am going to miss them! I couldn't have asked for a better job or nicer people to work with. 

Tomorrow is the first day of my first full time job! 
It's been seven months coming since I got the job last fall. Seven months, and it's finally here.
I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that I'll be a working lady, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. My stomach is a pit mixed with excitement (because I love the company that I'm going to be working for) and hesitation (because it's the end of an era). 

No more spur-of-the-moment, mid-week trips with friends, no more sleeping in, no more staying up until 2 am just because I can. That wonderful, beautiful will-nilly freedom is about to fly away.

BUT there are also so many yes's. Yes to learning, yes to building relationships, yes to putting that college degree to use, yes to earning a salary!

I am excited. And nervous. And I feel all grown up.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Last Stop, Philadelphia

I can't forget about our last stop back in Philadelphia.

It was funny because after coming from New York, Philadelphia felt so easy going and seemed almost empty even though it's a big city in its own right. 

First up, watching the Phillies play ball, of course! This was our third baseball game of the trip. I almost lost count ;). Us girls would rather go shopping, but we've learned to appreciate baseball for the sports loving boys in our family.

A visit to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell completed our whirlwind east coast trip!

Things we did in Philadelphia:
Phillies Baseball Game
Independence Hall
Liberty Bell
Philly Cheese Steak @ John's Roast Pork (the best in town!)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Let's Hear it for New York

After driving from Boston, we finally arrived in New York! 
Our hotel was just a couple blocks from the Empire State Building, so we grabbed our tennis shoes and headed over. 
This is the view from the top of the building (which is open until 2 am). 
That saying, "the city never sleeps" is so true!

Afterward, we wandered on over to Times Square. It was bustling. The restaurants were packed and the streets were filled with people, at midnight! New York is a night owl's dream. 

Visiting Hershey's Chocolate World in Times Square. We love chocolate!

The next day we sailed around Manhattan

And then we visited the royals. 
Prince William, Princess Kate, and mini me. They're wax, but don't they look real?

Getting some air on the Top of the Rock. 

His picture is way cooler than mine.

More city views. 
Buildings upon buildings for miles and miles. 
Central park (it's huge!).

We got to watch the Yankees. If a ballpark were ever to be described as extravagant, this one would be it. There's a museum and a memorial park within the stadium. But the real kicker? When you buy hotdogs, they aren't wrapped in plain old foil, they come in pinstriped boxes stamped with the Yankees logo. Ok, ok, maybe that's only glamorous to me.

 So many yellow cabs.

Lady liberty. We got up early in the morning and chased after a bus to see her. 

9/11 memorial. This is the largest man-made fountain and sits where the Twin Towers once stood. Walking through the memorial and reading their stories was a powerful reminder that each day is a gift. I desperately hope that my days glorify Him, because when all is said and done, that's what truly matters in this life. 

The newly constructed Freedom building.

Art of the Brick exhibit at the Discovery museum. Every piece is made entirely of legos. 
My eyes looked like this after visiting the exhibit. I was impressed!

There's something so intriguing about New York. It's full of energy and movement and activity. The buildings are tall and close. There's certainly no lack of things to do and people to meet. And thank you, New York, for making me walk everywhere. My calves have never been so fit! 

We enjoyed our time in the concrete jungle, but were ready to get back to quieter lands. 

Bye NYC, hello Philly. 

Things we did in New York:
Times Square
Empire State Building Observation
Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise
Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum 
Top of the Rock Observation 
Yankee Baseball @ Yankee Stadium
Evening Bus Tour
Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island
9/11 Memorial & Museum
Madison Square Garden Tour
Discovery Times Square Museum

Monday, June 30, 2014

East Coast Road Trip

This summer has been full of family travels. Last week we flew to Philadelphia for a road trip across the east coast! 

Our ultimate destination was New York, with a few stops along the way. 

The plan: land in Philadelphia. Drive straight to Connecticut, through Rhode Island, then to Massachusetts, New York, and back to Philly. 

Some of the "bests" from our first few stops. 

Best Hogwarts look alike: 
I wouldn't mind taking classes in these pretty, stone buildings.

Best hidden gem: 
The Pez Factory!
Yes, there's an entire building dedicated to flavored sugar and the plastic heads that dispense them. How cool is that?

Best scenery: 
The cutest little house I ever did see. All the houses look like this. And their lawn is green and they don't have sprinklers. My mom grew up in a neighborhood not too far from here. We visited her old house and one of her friends. Her neighborhood is precious. Can I just move to Massachusetts?

Best atmosphere: 
Red Sox Ballpark!
When the fans sing Sweet Caroline at the top of their lungs, and the Sox hit home runs in the 10th inning to win the game, you know it's good!

Best skies: 
Definitely Boston! These harbor views are dreamy.

Best personality:
 If buildings had personalities, this one at MIT would take the cake.

Best town square: 
Harvard Square! It's full of little shops, cobblestone streets, and flowers hanging from lampposts.

Best Bostonian buildings: 
Boston has the perfect mix of historical charm and modern flair.

After two days, we said farewell to Boston. Up next, New York! 

Things we did in Boston:
Red Sox Baseball @ Fenway Park
Bus Tour
Quincy Marketplace
Freedom Walk
Harbor Cruise
Harvard University