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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dancing with the Stars :: Week 2

What makes Mondays a little more bearable? 

Knowing there's an evening of Dancing with the Stars at the end of it :).

Since DTWS is one of my all time favorites, I thought I'd try something new and write a recap each week. Actually, scratch that each week part. This might not last very long. 

The show begins with Tom and Erin's big announcement.
Hold your breath and silence the audience.
Are you ready for it?

A surprise double elimination!
Don't they look shocked? Except for Drew. He's winking.

Drew & Cheryl are up first.
I was bored, but they sure are happy dancers.

Danica & Val
This segment went something like this:
Danica and Val are safe.
Cut to Candace's face.
Danica and Val dance.
Cut to Candace's face.
Judges talk.
Cut to Candace's face.

Child star rivalry in action. Except I bet there's no rivalry at all.

Billy Dee & Emma.
"If we looked at the leader board, you know, upside down, you'd be the top." Never mind that they landed in last place, Billy Dee has the most sweetest and hilarious partner.

Meryl & Maks.
M&M, the perfect partners. No switch up should be allowed to come between them. It will be a sad, sad day.

Diana & Henry were eliminated.
Then they danced.
And she rocked a tiny, red, sequin dress.

Candace & Mark
Their segment went a something like this:
Talk about Danica.
Candace and Mark dance.
Cut to Danica's face.
Judges talk.
Cut to Danica's face.

Not Candace's best dance, but love her and how she stands up for her faith.

Amy & Derek
She is wonder woman. So talented.
Speaking of wonder, I wonder if she'll wear pants for every dance because of her legs.

James & Peta
Oh Mr. James Maslow... That's all I'll say about that.

Charlie & Sharna
Another great dance for those two. Deservedly top of the leader board again. Charlie has some serious dancing chops.

NeNe & Tony
She's so spunky and brings the energy, but why oh why is she taller than Tony even in sneakers? Sparkly, pink sneakers that is.

Sean & Karina.

Cody & Whitney
Cody and Whitney danced well, but the real show-stopper? Cody's hair swoop! That thing goes for miles!

Sean and Karina are the second couple to get the boot.

There was also mention of the switch up taking place in two weeks. I love the couples as they are so I don't know how to feel about a partner swap, but it'll be interesting to see what happens.

Until next time...over and out!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Reminiscing Israel: Snorkeling in Eilat

Another Israel post.
I miss this place so much.
And yes, I'm still posting recaps a year later, yikes.
I was so excited to go snorkeling, but almost didn't go. Why? Oh you know, because I can't tread water and the thought of drowning in the endlessly deep sea made me a nervous wreak.
These two girls would hear nothing of it, and I am so thankful they coerced me into the water.

We swam with the fishes, licked inhaled the salty sea water, and even went back for a second round. For anyone else scared of drowning by snorkeling, don't be! Those flippers practically tread water for you :). 
Snorkeling buddies!
In the 10 other attempts before snapping this picture, the current swooped at least one or all of us away.

And in 5 other pictures we were wearing our snorkeling masks and look like mutants. I can't even post the pictures because we're way too scary looking!

By this time, our lips turned blue and we were literally shivering from the cold. Yet we still didn't want to leave!

And that's coming from the girl who was scared to go in.