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Monday, May 5, 2014

Sweeping Splendor!

Oh me oh my, its been so very long since my last post! 

The last months have been loads of fun, and a little busy. 
A few friends and I took a road trip down to San Diego for the weekend. The weather was just beautiful. Bright and sunny every day. 
We ate breakfast on the balcony each morning and practically lived in our swim suits. 
It was bliss. 
We decided that we are going to move to San Diego and live there forever. 

These last few weeks have been all about graduation. 
A couple meetings, receiving my cap and gown, senior portraits.
All leading up to graduation this Friday! :)

Oh, and a little something that I'm excited about, 
I've opened my very own Etsy shop! 
I've been loving this creative outlet amongst all my accounting studying and number crunching. 
If anyone's throwing a party soon, here's something to cheer up your desserts.
Feel free to stop by Sweeping Splendor


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