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Monday, June 30, 2014

East Coast Road Trip

This summer has been full of family travels. Last week we flew to Philadelphia for a road trip across the east coast! 

Our ultimate destination was New York, with a few stops along the way. 

The plan: land in Philadelphia. Drive straight to Connecticut, through Rhode Island, then to Massachusetts, New York, and back to Philly. 

Some of the "bests" from our first few stops. 

Best Hogwarts look alike: 
I wouldn't mind taking classes in these pretty, stone buildings.

Best hidden gem: 
The Pez Factory!
Yes, there's an entire building dedicated to flavored sugar and the plastic heads that dispense them. How cool is that?

Best scenery: 
The cutest little house I ever did see. All the houses look like this. And their lawn is green and they don't have sprinklers. My mom grew up in a neighborhood not too far from here. We visited her old house and one of her friends. Her neighborhood is precious. Can I just move to Massachusetts?

Best atmosphere: 
Red Sox Ballpark!
When the fans sing Sweet Caroline at the top of their lungs, and the Sox hit home runs in the 10th inning to win the game, you know it's good!

Best skies: 
Definitely Boston! These harbor views are dreamy.

Best personality:
 If buildings had personalities, this one at MIT would take the cake.

Best town square: 
Harvard Square! It's full of little shops, cobblestone streets, and flowers hanging from lampposts.

Best Bostonian buildings: 
Boston has the perfect mix of historical charm and modern flair.

After two days, we said farewell to Boston. Up next, New York! 

Things we did in Boston:
Red Sox Baseball @ Fenway Park
Bus Tour
Quincy Marketplace
Freedom Walk
Harbor Cruise
Harvard University


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