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Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Days on the Job

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind! Starting a new job is exhausting business.

My first day started out watching Frozen while waiting to go over paperwork with HR.

Then we gathered into a big conference room to listen to presentations and got a glimpse into what our job will entail. After a morning of presentations, it was time to hit the park for lunch and a scavenger hunt.
We lunched at a restaurant called Wine Country Trattoria. It's nestled in the middle of California Adventure and serves all types of pasta. Some of us even ordered a fancy drink. Not wine, but one that comes topped with a light-up Ariel :).

The next week, we had an all-day company orientation, a full day of software training, and another day of program training. 
The view from one of our meetings!

We were definitely spoiled those three days...treated to lunch, given darling goodies, and getting our very own company computers and shiny, new badges! I may or may not have been most excited to get the legendary cast member badge. We joked that all the fun stops once we start actually working.

After the orientations, it was time to get down to real business. While the first few days had me swirling in a cloud of fantasy, I quickly set back down on earth. There are deadlines meet, tasks to be completed, programs to learn, reports to create, schedules to be managed, and the seemingly never-ending IT issues. For me, starting a new job has always been very exciting, but also very overwhelming. I've heard the first couple weeks are the hardest and I have to agree. Learning new faces and names, processing the information overload, and finding a groove takes time. I'm sure as things get settled in it'll be all on the up and up.


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