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Monday, August 31, 2015

Chicago in the Summer

Every summer, my family likes to do some traveling. Sometimes it's local, such as venturing a couple hours to the coast. Other times, we'll fly to another state and explore new cities. 

For this year's summer vacation, we flew into Chicago and then road-tripped through the Midwest.

My dad recently decided his new life goal is to travel to all 50 states of America. So naturally, we had to visit as many states as possible. He planned the whole trip (and all the stops along the way), which was fine by the rest of us-- we're just along for the ride.

Plus, if we had taken on the planning, we'd probably not get past the airport. The one and only stop I planned for the trip was a complete bust. If you're curious, it was the German Village in Ohio. No need to visit, haha.

Day 1
Flew to Chicago

My first impression, "gosh it's chilly here!" Coming from 80 degree CA weather, the rain and wind was a bit shocking to my summer state of mind.

Look at the overcast and sea of ponchos!

Our first stop, Wrigley Field. We were supposed to watch the Cubs play, but as soon as we parked we were informed that the game was rained out. So instead of watching the game, we took a quick tour of the park and grabbed a bite to eat from the one of the ballpark restaurants. All the while, it was absolutely freezing-- like wind + rain + can't feel my hands freezing. 

Wind so fierce, it's holding my umbrella up. I'm easily impressed.

Day 2
Touring Chicago

We drove from the suburbs to downtown Chicago. Along the way, we stopped by Wheaton College.

Can you spot the tiny photobomber?

Once downtown, we walked to the Navy Pier and got a glimpse of the city via river cruise. 
Apparently it was too cold to uncover our hands, or smile.

We topped off the day with deep dish pizza. My first ever. It was amazing. 

Day 3
Touring Chicago (again)

This day, we were the epitome of tourists. We ran around the city and hit up all the major attractions from a list we found on the internet.

We woke up bright and early to head to the John Hancock Center, known for it's 360 degree views.

Then we bussed ourselves over to the Field Museum. 

After learning about gems, DNA, and dinosaurs, we visited the Willis Sky Deck. 
Standing on a see-through floor that hangs over 90 stories high...eeps!

Onto our final stop of the day, the bean!
It's kind of odd that this huge bean sits in the middle of a park, but it is quite impressive and artfully beautiful. 

City scenes from our walk back to the hotel. 

We ended the night with dinner at 11pm. A pretty typical vacation dinner time for us. Deep dish pizza again. This time at Ginno's East. We had to try another restaurant to compare. 

The verdict: Giordanos. Hands down.

After enjoying our last deep dish, we headed north to Michigan.


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