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Monday, August 24, 2015

June & July in Review

Everything seems better in the summer.

There's something about the season. 

Even though I don't have summer breaks anymore, the season still boasts a laid back feeling that I adore.

In June, we (my family and I) traveled to Chicago, just for fun. It was cold, but grand! We spent our days exploring the city and also road-tripped to some other states. Full post to come :).

Friends and I, with some potato balls. These things are amazing. Deep fried potatoes stuffed with meat. So good! After dinner, we explored the studio lot at my work. We wandered around until it was dark and also saw the strangest sight-- a man vacuuming the ceiling!

The very best work days are the ones spent at Disneyland. This one was even more special because we were treated to a VIP tour = no lines! Despite the look on some of our faces, we actually were thrilled. 

Funny story, at Space Mountain, my sunglasses fell out of my purse and onto the track. I thought my glasses were doomed, but the ride operators were so nice and briefly stopped the ride and used a long stick to pick my glasses from the track. Crisis averted!

Dole whip! A must on a hot day. Or even a cold day.

The next day. . .Disneyland round 2 with family. Is there any such thing as too much Disneyland? 

Visiting little cousins. If only I had as much energy as those kiddos. 

Ice cream break at work! We opted for dulce de leche and strawberry. 

I love these summer days.


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