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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bright Lights in the Big City

I feel like I hit a milestone of adulthood to say that I traveled for work

Yep, me, the one who has never, ever traveled alone before made it to New York and back, and loved every second.

This trip was all kinds of wonderful. 

I was able to fly in a couple days early and meet up with a friend from high school for the weekend. It has been years since I last saw her and we picked up right where we left off. 

The two of us used to take partner tests in Algebra together are now we're college graduates with full-time jobs. And she's living in New York!

She was so sweet to let me stay the night in her little apartment. I loved the old vintage feel of it, and the bellman and elevator made it feel very NewYork-esque.

She was also the best tour guide. All delicious food, explorations, and successful subway navigation is credited to her!

We went to a Peruvian restaurant called Pio Pio. This place was packed, and for good reason. I loved the dim, modern ambiance and flavorful food.

At Roosevelt Island for my friend's friend's rooftop birthday party. The view was unreal.

Flushing in Queens, which my friend referred to as the "Asian ghetto." Haha.

My coworker joined us for some dim sum! I laugh at this picture because it looks like a we're ready to eat this entire feast. 

This was food for five, not two :).

Loved Chelsea Market. This archway of lights was begging for a picture.

While we ate our way through the city, we walked through it too, hopefully burning off some of the many calories we inhaled. At least that's what I tell myself.

A view from walking the high line.

When in New York...one must see Broadway!

Hustling and bustling in Times Square.

Pretty apartments on the way to Levain Bakery.

Enjoying my chocolate brioche in Central Park. What a perfect afternoon.

That big, black bag holds a large pop-up sign that we use for work events. It's fairly heavy. This is what it feels like to lug the big, black bag all around town.

The friend to my left insisted that the men behind us were part of the UN conference that was taking place this week. So we took this picture. 

I'm convinced they're normal people dressed in nice suits.

His expression. Those eyes! And that knife. 

Our waiters were the best.

On the set of Good Morning America! During breaks, George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts would be busy checking their phones/computer. 

Ahhhh, a Cindy Crawford selfie! Ms. Crawford was the guest for ths morning's show.

And then my manager sent a picture of us on TV. We were on TV!

The Plaza. 
This hotel was just stunning. It had walls of marble and feels like a place fit for royalty.

Breakfast at Sarabeths.

A quick visit to the Soho district and a stop at Laudree. 

Pizza at Lombardis. 
Guess who happened to be eating here at the same time as us? 
Candace Cameron, DJ from Full House!!! 
That's the back of her head. She is the one with the perfect, blonde bun. 
We stopped by to say hi, but this was the best picture we got.

Over and over, my coworker and I would repeat what an amazing trip this was. 

In his words, it was out of this world.

So very thankful for these experiences and memories.