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Monday, April 4, 2016

January to March

April already? Where has the first quarter gone? Apparently I now measure time in quarters.

The past few months have been filled with fun, little moments. 

Back in January, I kicked off the new year with family and our traditional Japanese feast. Can you tell we love sushi?

We also attended the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena! Here we are all bundled up and trying not to freeze. 

My favorite part of the parade was The Bachelor float (hello dreamy Ben Higgins!), the Disney float, and the marching bands. Shout out to them for walking the entire route in unison, carrying those heavy instruments, and keeping the tune. Seriously impressive.

Our first Disney visit of the year! 

How cute is this mickey pretzel? Our first time having one.

For a volunteer event at work, we had the chance to participate in a Habitat for Humanity build. We scattered new grass seed at a preschool and helped plaster a retaining wall. 

I've always wanted to participate in a build and loved this opportunity. But I also learned I'm not cut out for construction #toomessy #tooheavy. I'll stick to my office job.

Disney round #2 of the year!

And later that month, Disney round #3. Pretend I'm holding up 3 fingers.

Some coworkers and I headed down to Disneyland one evening for a moonlight madness event that's held for cast members. We completed puzzles and trivia throughout the park until 2 am! It was so much fun, even if we came in 300th-something place, haha.

The park is still magical at night.

In March, one of my friends from college got married. She made a truly gorgeous bride. 
 Everyone in this picture spent a semester together in Israel 3 years ago.

Photo booth fun and carpool buddies who were late to the wedding because we entered the wrong address into our navigation and ended up on a dirt road!

Happy birthday Mom! Hope you enjoyed your 6-tier mini cake :).

Also notable, but no picture to prove it...in March, I joined a gym and have been going consistently for a couple weeks now. It feels great to be in a routine of burning calories and getting in shape! Having a faithful gym buddy definitely helps too.

That wraps up the first quarter. Onto spring!