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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

April & May

I'm currently working in the same building where Radio Disney is recorded and broadcasted. I heard the likes of Bieber and Selena have been seen around the campus a time or two and was just waiting for the day when a celeb might appear. Well, it happened!

Flo Rida was recording a segment for Radio Disney. Once we got wind of it, my coworker and I may have waited outside the studio for a good 20 minutes so we could catch Flo on his way out. Totally worth it.

Fangirling so hard and I only know one of his songs.

A few weeks later, we walked into the lobby and spotted these two. I didn't know who they were, but when you see strange people hovering about our tiny reception area, you assume they might be famous. The lady to my left called it, they're from Pentatonix.

Was feeling a bit crafty and made a couple canvas paintings. 
A bible verse,

and Cinderella quote.

My brother graduated college! Perfect grades, pitcher on baseball team, double major, just landed his dream full time job, AND his team made it to the World Championship. The Lord's blessings are overflowing. So happy for this guy. 

Happy faces headed to Disneyland.

It was dapper day so we wore "dapper" attire. We're not sure what that means exactly, because some people were dressed as if they lived in the haunted mansion. But most people were styling 40's and 50's fashion. You can even spot some in the background.

I'm so excited for June and the beginning of summer. These two friends and I have some exciting vacation plans. We've been waiting since February and it's finally here!

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